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Combustible Cladding - Extension of Deadlines

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The State Government has extended the deadlines for compliance with Stages 2 and 3a of the Safer Buildings Program which requires certain building owners to take steps to identify potentially combustible cladding on existing private buildings in Queensland.
The Stage 2 deadline is extended to 31 July 2019 and Stage 3a until 31 October 2019.
If your building is caught by the process, Stage 2 requires you to engage a building professional to complete a statement regarding your building, and Stage 3a requires you to engage a fire engineer and notify the Queensland Building and Construction Commission that you have done so.
For more information from our previous alert on this topic, including the stages of the review process and the classes of buildings within the scope of the Regulation, click here.
If you require assistance complying with the Regulation please contact a member of our Construction Team.  If you are buying or selling a property that might be affected by the Regulation please contact a member of our Commercial + Property Team.


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