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Digital Grants: Not just free money

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The Queensland Government has just released the latest round of the Small Business Digital Grants Program.  This program offers grants of up to $10,000, matched by the applicant, to help build digital capability.
As you’re bombarded by the many service providers who can assist your business with a digital project don’t forget your legal rights and responsibilities.
Receiving a grant is a legal contract with the Queensland Government with rules that you must follow to ensure you qualify for the grant and also that you receive reimbursement once it is complete.  There are also detailed rules around how the project must be completed and reported on, and if you fail to meet those obligations, the government may not pay out the grant.
And don’t forget to protect your valuable intellectual property when working on these projects.  Consider a non-disclosure agreement with any service providers involved and consider how your ideas and innovation may need to be legal protected.  If you don’t get that right, your registration rights in the intellectual property could be lost.
Please contact either our Commercial + Property or Intellectual Property teams if you have any questions about these issues or the nature of your obligations under this or other government grant schemes.

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