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CGLaw Named Employer of Choice

Clifford Gouldson was proud and very humbled to be named the inaugural Employer of Choice at the Heritage Bank Business Excellence Awards in October 2019.

Being recognised as an Employer of Choice is the culmination of the many great and inspiring team members that we have had over the past 13 + years in business. Our team members have added so much value and warmth to the CGLaw business for the benefit of our clients, referrers and the greater communities within which we serve. It is truly humbling to receive the positive feedback from our CGLaw family that they are happy with the culture that we all continue to create over time.  To be recognized amidst such a wonderful community of successful businesses, large and small, established and emerging, is a real surprise.

To Amanda, Danny and Ben, this Award means we are on the right path and that the investment that we make in our people, both professionally and personally, has been worthwhile.

We have always aimed for continuous improvement within our business and looked at ways to foster a vibrant working environment. Over the past 12 months in particular, we have implemented a few large initiatives to help grow our team and build on our unique culture, so it’s really rewarding to know that our team are feeling excited and engaged to be a part of our vision for the future of CGLaw.  

“If we continue to think about how we might enhance this place, and be open to constructive feedback no matter how painful it might be initially, we are destined for continued successes”, Ben said.

The Award proves that, without a doubt, our greatest asset is our team members (both past and present). Investing in your people and building a positive work environment is imperative to the success of any business. 

Our CGLaw team feel so much pride in the firm achieving the recognition through the inaugural Employer of Choice Chamber of Commerce Award.

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