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What made you click, scroll and read in 2018

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Throughout 2018 CGLaw published legal updates to our network of clients, referrers, and business associates.  We pride ourselves on this activity, and in many instances are first to publish these updates, well ahead of larger firms and others in the region.

We focus so much on this activity because we believe our clients and referrers, as well as the broader community, deserve timely, accurate analysis of developments in the law from a local source they trust and can talk to.  Here are a collection of our most popular alerts from 2018.

1. Sushi shop penalised for worker's raw deal

A company director was ordered to pay $30,000 for failing to pay three employees the minimum rates as set out in the Fast Food Industry Award 2010. Read more


2. But I didn't post the comment, Your Honour!
A decision of the South Australian District Court demonstrates just how far defamation law can reach in Australia.  Even to the point where online comments on your social channels, not made by you, can still land you in hot water. Read more

3. Casual Employees & Annual Leave - Sorting Fact from Fiction
The decision in Skene v WorkPac Pty Ltd sparked the spread of misinformation online that misrepresents the critical factors of the case. Some have gone as far as to make statements such as "all casual employees who work regular and predictable hours will be entitled to annual leave payments". This is not the case. Read more

4. Will I or won't I have a Will?
Where significant assets or business interests are involved the impact can be felt even further with potentially years of legal issues to be resolved. Read more

5. Panadol causes a headache for Nurofen
A court case saw the makers of Panadol take on Nurofen in a dispute over the use of claims made during Nurofen’s advertising campaigns. Read more


Social Highlights

Featured: Selina's 10 year work anniversary, Simon Future Community Leader announcement and Harrison's delegate trip with the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce. Thank you for following us on FacebookLinkedIn and of course, trusting us with your matters big and small in 2018.

Clifford Gouldson Lawyers welcomes any feedback about how we might be able to improve our alert service.

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