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Toowoomba Second Range Crossing EOIs Closing Soon

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A reminder for anyone involved in construction and related industries that the expressions of interest for the second round of work packages released for the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing are closing soon. A summary of the work packages available and their related EOI deadlines follows:

Package title EOI deadline
Radio Communication System 29 January 2016
Local Roads Package (09 Boundary Street) 1 February 2016
Local Roads Package (13 Mort Street) 1 February 2016
Local Roads Package (07 Bedford Street) 1 February 2016
East Bulk Earthworks Zone 3 2 February 2016
East Bulk Earthworks Zone 2 2 February 2016
Ice Machines (Supply and Maintenance) 3 February 2016
Supply and Install of UV Filters 4 February 2016
Supply of Rumble Grids 4 February 2016
Provision of Fauna Spotter and Catcher 4 February 2016
Electrical Maintenance Services 5 February 2016
Plumbing Maintenance Services 5 February 2016
Small Plant and Equipment (Dry Hire) 5 February 2016
Supply of Water Pumps 5 February 2016
Provision of Air Quality Monitoring Services 5 February 2016
Wet hire of Cranes 8 February 2016

To submit an EOI you need to register your company profile on the ICN Gateway Network (, review the EOI relevant to your work package(s), understand mandatory and optional requirements and prepare and submit your EOI response.  If there is not a work package available that suits your company, make sure that you keep a close eye on the Procurement Schedule which can be found on the ICN Gateway TSRC Network.
If you need advice or assistance with submitting your EOI, please contact us.  Please note that Clifford Gouldson Lawyers does not act for Nexus.  Our goal is simply to assist local businesses take advantage of the opportunities that this project offers.

For more information on the TSRC project and what to expect if you are contracting on the Range Crossing Project, visit our website where a Guide for Contractors is available.

Please contact Clifford Gouldson at [email protected] to register your interest in upcoming events we will be holding to assist local suppliers in contracting with Nexus for the range crossing. 

Our events will focus on providing information on tender compliance, key contractual obligations, enhancing your contract administration procedures and how to minimise disputes and get paid on time for the work you do.

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