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The Second Range Crossing, Nexus and You - Levelling the playing field

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It's been a long time coming but the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing project is finally up and running.

Like many Toowoomba businesses, Clifford Gouldson has been eagerly awaiting this project and has made preparations to take advantage of opportunities that may arise.

But we don't aim to act for Nexus.

Instead we've geared up to act for the local contractors and construction companies that will be vying for work throughout the project.

We aim to help you win the work, position you to negotiate and manage your contractual obligations, ensure you get paid on time for the work you do and help keep disputes to a minimum.

This seminar will provide critical information for local suppliers including:
  • the latest information on the tender process
  • how to improve your chances of tendering success
  • what to expect when contracting on major infrastructure projects
  • why you need to properly manage and administer your contract - and how to get it right
  • what you can do to help get paid on time for your work
  • how to avoid and, if necessary, manage disputes

Presenting this topic will be Clifford Gouldson's Head of Construction Kylie Howell and Ben Hughes, Director of Hughes et al.  Hughes et al provides tailored Local Content advice, services and products to all tiers of business, from major projects through to SME's.

Guide for Contractors

Clifford Gouldson's Construction Team has prepared a brief Guide for Contractors interested in the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing project.  You can download a copy of the Guide from our TSRC page.
Friday, 26 February 2016
4 pm start, followed by drinks from 5.30 pm
There is no charge for attendance
Upstairs at The Office
14 Duggan Street, Toowoomba
Please contact Rebecca at [email protected] or phone 07 4688 2188.  Reserve your seat by 23 February, 2016

Kylie Howell, Head of Section: Construction
Clifford Gouldson

Ben Hughes, Director
Hughes et al


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