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Thank you for 10 years of support

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During the last ten years our practice has grown and developed.  We've expanded into new areas of law, added quite a few staff, an extra director and we no longer fit around Ben's kitchen table.

Throughout this time we know our success has come down to one key factor.  


Without the support of our clients, our colleagues in other professions, business associates, our patient families and our wonderful friends we would never have made it through these ten years and come out with a thriving, successful legal practice.

So we wanted to mark the passing of ten years with a whole hearted THANK YOU.

We thank you for trusting us with your legal work, we thank you for referring others to us and we thank you for joining us on the journey.

Thanking our team

We will also be marking this milestone by thanking the amazing team of people we work with.  Our office will close tomorrow (Thursday 24 March) at 1pm so the Clifford Gouldson team can share lunch together before getting an early start to the Easter long weekend.

The road ahead 

The legal industry is experiencing a period of change which we think will only accelerate in the coming years.  Clifford Gouldson is committed to embracing those changes and continuing to provide exceptional legal services to our clients in whatever form that may take in the future.

On behalf of Amanda Tolson, Danny Clifford and Ben Gouldson we invite you to continue to be part of the Clifford Gouldson journey and thank you again for your support over the last ten years.

Ben Gouldson, Director                        Danny Clifford, Director

Amanda Tolson, Director

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