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Safety measures for a return to work

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With the prospect of businesses re-opening and employees returning to the office it’s critical that you have the right workplace health and safety measures in place.
The threat of COVID-19 to both personal health and as a workplace risk will remain for some time so employers and managers would be wise to take steps now to ensure the risk of employee illness and potential liability is minimised.
Safe Work Australia has prepared a range of useful materials that we recommend you review now in preparation for the potential full return to work.
These materials include signs and posters relating to:

  •        stopping the spread of the virus
  •        good hygiene
  •        hand washing
  •        keeping distance
  •        mental health
The materials are available from Safe Work Australia here.  For more information review their COVID-19 Resource Kit.  And please also keep in mind the National COVID-19 safe work principles we advised about last week.

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