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Paper titles come to an end

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From 1 October 2019 paper versions of Certificates of Title for property in Queensland will no longer have any legal effect. 
It’s long been the case that the electronic title held by the Titles Registry was the true proof of ownership but paper titles continued to exist in around 11% of cases.  This is a welcome change for the legal industry and should reduce costs in those property transactions where the location of an issued paper title was unknown.
If you have a paper Certificate of Title you should retain it until at least 1 October but after that date the title will become an item of historic or sentimental value only.
If you have a title that is being stored by us, your bank (particularly in the rural sector), or at another location for security purposes you may want to retrieve the document and keep it for sentimental purposes. Enquiries can be made firstly either by a title search to determine if there is a paper title deed held and if so, you may ask for the return of the cancelled title deed even if the security is not paid out as it will have no relevance to the security.

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