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It's just not cricket! CG's team competes in Hutchison's Corporate Challenge

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Friday 7 October saw the running of the 2016 Hutchinsons Corporate Challenge at the Toowoomba Tennis Open.

Getting into the dress up theme, and wary of some fast serving competition, the CG team donned cricket gear including pads, helmets and "other" protection as required.

Clifford Gouldson was ably represented on the night by Amanda Tolson, Amie Mish-Wills and Danny Clifford.

They put in a top effort, even received some coaching tips from "Andre Agassi" and the real John Fitzgerald, but in the end didn't quite progress to the finals.

This event is a great night every year and raises funds for charity while also giving Toowoomba businesses the chance to have some fun, play some tennis and see who has what it takes to progress on to the next level of competition.

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