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IP Australia issues warning on unsolicited offers

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IP Australia recently issued a warning to business owners who may receive unsolicited or misleading invoices from companies offering services to protect or promote intellectual property (IP) rights.

They warn that you should be extremely cautious of any correspondence received from parties other than IP Australia or your legal representative which includes invoices, offers or advertising services.

ese companies may be offering to:

  1. register or renew your IP right for a fee
  2. publish your patent or trade mark in an international publication or register
  3. provide a monitoring service for your patent or trade mark

IP Australia has seen examples which have the appearance of coming from an official source and many businesses believe they are required to pay for the services outlined.

They confirm that the companies sending these invoices are not linked to any Government or IP Office and you're NOT obliged to pay their fees.

IP Australia recommends contacting your patent or trade mark attorney, solicitor or IP Australia if you have any concerns and examples received can also be reported to IP Australia.

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