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In Business? Inadequate Estate Planning? Time to take action!

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Thousands of Australians die each year with either no Will or a Will that is grossly inadequate for their personal circumstances.

At Clifford Gouldson we've seen first hand the disputes, family conflict and emotional turmoil that can result when the right estate planning documents aren't in place.  This is especially true where the person who dies owns and operates a business.

Director Ben Gouldson said, "After nearly 20 years in practice I've seen countless examples of courts stepping in to settle estate disputes, rarely in a way that leaves anyone happy, simply because a properly thought out estate plan hasn't been put in place.

"I feel very strongly that if you are in business and you don't have a Will or you haven't recently reviewed your estate planning situation then now is the time to do so."

With the recent addition of Sheelagh Gray, who practices exclusively in estate planning, Clifford Gouldson is now well placed to assist our clients in this area.

Added to this, our litigation, tax and structuring experience gives us the ability to see estate and succession planning issues from every angle.

Whether you have no Will at all or have documents that may be overdue for a review we invite you to contact a member of our Tax, Structures & Planning team to discuss how we can ensure your estate planning documents accurately reflect your current situation and testamentary wishes.

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