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How long has it been since your business reviewed the Modern Award that applies to your workplace and your employees?
We won’t judge you if you say it has been a while, but we would strongly recommend you download the Award and give it a read as there may have been some changes made that you might not know about.
Specifically, since 2014, the Fair Work Commission has been working through its review of all modern awards as part of its ‘4 Yearly Review’. This review is still ongoing and is finally making its way to the tail end of a mammoth task.
During this review, the Fair Work Commission has worked closely with employer and employee groups to review and amend all modern awards to ensure they remain relevant to the workforce and ensure they address the ever changing needs of employers and employees as industries change and evolve.
This review has also seen large scale changes being introduced across the board, for example, you may recall last year we reported on the key decision that overhauled the annual leave provisions in all modern awards to make way for uniform cashing out of annual leave provisions and the like.  
Whilst those changes are on the large scale, it is important to remind employers that the 4 Yearly Review has also focussed on amending the finer details of every Award to ensure they are relevant to the industry they govern. This includes changing award classifications to reflect the changing roles in industries, amending overtime and ordinary hour provisions to reflect the changing operational environment of industries and even the simple review of how the Award is worded to ensure it is plainly drafted for ease of understanding.
It is therefore important that employers ensure they keep up to date with their relevant modern award and review it regularly to ensure their business is complying with its terms.
Whilst some of us here at Clifford Gouldson Lawyers find these things fascinating, we understand some people may not.  This is why we can assist with ensuring your workplace is Award compliant and we encourage you to get in touch so we can do the heavy lifting for you.

We can ensure your contracts are compliant with the terms of the Award and assist with ensuring your business is not left behind.


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