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Fair Work offers new pay calculator

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The Fair Work Ombudsman now has a mobile-friendly pay tool to give employers and employees access to reliable advice on wages and entitlements on-the-go.

The Pay and Conditions Tool (PACT) combines pay, shift and leave calculators with an intuitive interface for mobile devices.

It can locate the correct Modern Award for an employee’s position and quickly determine what wages apply, including any overtime, penalty rates or allowances payable.

Users who go to can work out wages per hour, per shift or for an entire pay period.

PACT can also determine the entitlements payable when employees resign or are terminated, including wages in lieu of notice, leave and redundancy pay.

This tool is an efficient source for obtaining an employee's minimum pay entitlements.  However, care must be taken to determine the actual entitlements of your employees, as an employee's actual entitlements may be regulated by both an award and the contract of employment in place at any particular time.

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