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Cyber criminals - a wolf in other business’s clothing

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As we all know, cyber crime is on the rise. It has been reported in the news recently that a Victorian woman transferred $500,000 for the purchase of her home to cyber criminals, who were posing as her conveyancers and who had been emailing her for weeks. We recently sent an email alert about invoice scams, which are also very common at the moment.
It is another reminder to be aware that cyber risk arises from both your own computer or system being compromised, as well as those of the people and businesses you are dealing with.
Within our firm, we are encouraging a culture of ‘healthy scepticism’ and encourage all businesses to think about their particular risks and put in place policies to ensure checks are in place so a cyber hack doesn’t result in significant business loss.  Telephoning or requesting a bank statement if you receive a request to change bank account details for a payment is just one example.

For more information or assistance across cyber matters contact our Intellectual Property team.

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