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Changes coming for building industry

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You might have missed it in the Christmas rush, but in December last year we let you know that the Queensland Government announced that it was preparing to introduce changes to the Queensland Building & Construction Industry, particularly focusing on securing payment for subcontractors.
The Queensland Government is in the process of developing the Queensland Building Plan and is seeking feedback in relation to ten key areas:

  1. Security of Payment
  2. The Home Warranty Scheme
  3. Plumbing & Drainage Act Reform
  4. Queensland Housing Code/Reconfiguring a Lot Code
  5. Building Certification
  6. Non-conforming Building Products
  7. Inclusive Communities
  8. Liveable Housing Design
  9. Licensing Reforms; and
  10. Sustainable Buildings.
You can view a copy of the discussion paper here.
Kylie Howell, the Head of our Construction Law Team, will be attending the Toowoomba Community Consultation Session on 23 March 2017.  If you would like to attend the session please register directly here.
If you can’t attend the Consultation Session, but have feedback that you would like Kylie to share on your behalf, please let us know.
Kylie will also be delivering our March Business Essentials Seminar on 24 March 2017.  Her main topic will be “How to protect your business when the project goes bust!” but she will also talk about what is discussed at the Community Consultation Session the day before.
If you’d like to speak with Kylie please phone our office or email [email protected] and to register for the BES please email [email protected]

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