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CGLaw Hosts Obayashi Visit to Toowoomba

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Senior staff from number one Japanese construction company, Obayashi Corporation, recently visited Toowoomba.

With annual revenues of US$15 billion dollars and a 120 year history, Obayashi is the largest construction company in Japan and one of the world’s largest contractors.

In an action packed day, Australia Offices’ Deputy General Manager, Jun Tanaka, and Senior Manager - Projects, Tatsuya Miyakawa, met with Australian Minister for Industry, Ian Macfarlane, Mayor Paul Antonio and local contractors.

They visited the Wellcamp Airport site and had luncheon discussions with government and senior construction industry representatives, who turned out in strength. 

At the lunch were Wagners, FK Gardners, Hutchinsons, Ostwalds and McNabs.  Also attending the lunch were Deputy Mayor Mike Williams with Council Chief Financial Officer Arun Pratap and Project Manager Ridgemill.

Obayashi is best known in Australia as the Head Contractor on the Sydney Olympic Stadium and for motorway projects in Sydney and Melbourne.

Mr Tanaka said, “We had insightful discussions with Minister Macfarlane about the Australian Government’s infrastructure drive.”

He said, “Cutting edge tunnelling technology is one of Obayashi’s strengths and we were pleased to have a discussion with the Minister on a range of construction topics.”

Minister for Industry and Federal Member for Groom Ian Macfarlane said the Australian Government was making record investments in building the infrastructure of the 21st century.

“Prime Minister Tony Abbott wants to be an Infrastructure Prime Minister and the Government is investing $50 billion in infrastructure to drive economic growth, efficiency and productivity,” Mr Macfarlane said.

“Regional infrastructure is important, particularly in Queensland, and one of the Government’s most significant investments is in the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing, with funding of $1.285 billion allocated in the Budget.

“The Government is also putting in place the right economic framework to encourage private sector investment in infrastructure to further build our economy and create jobs.”

Senior Manager - Projects, Tatsuya Miyakawa, has 25 years’ experience in Australia and knows the local construction industry well.

Nevertheless, he described the Toowoomba visit as “an eye opener.”

Mr Miyakawa said, “We were impressed with the speed and standard of construction being achieved by Wagner and FK Gardner Group at the Wellcamp airport project.

“We also had interesting discussions with Wagners on new construction materials.”

“Obayashi has a big emphasis on R&D with an annual research budget of US$100 million and we enjoyed talking to a group with a strong R&D culture.”

Mr Tanaka added, “Our discussions with Mayor Antonio and his senior staff gave us an insight into this Queensland region which was new to us.”

Obayashi’s visit to Toowoomba was hosted by local law firm, Clifford Gouldson Lawyers.

Brian Conrick, who recently returned to Toowoomba to join that firm, has many years working with Obayashi on its Australian projects.

Clifford Gouldson Director Danny Clifford said, “We were delighted to put this visit together.”

“This was an outstanding chance for our local contractors to get to know one of the world’s most respected construction groups.

“Their turnout for these meetings did Toowoomba proud.

“In Australia Obayashi has traditionally sought alliances with high quality local partners. We are sure there will be positive outcomes for our region’s contractors.”


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