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Clifford Gouldson is pleased to introduce

CGCollect is Clifford Gouldson’s new low cost, online solution to collecting debts up to $20,000.  The service suits both businesses with regular debtors who need pursuing as well as individuals who might have a one-off amount of money they are chasing.

Achieving cost-effective results

Clifford Gouldson assists many businesses and individuals with the recovery of money either from unfulfilled contracts, for services rendered or for goods delivered.  Where the value of the debt is substantial we provide a full service approach that gives you the best possible method of recovering your money.

But many individuals and businesses are owed smaller sums of money that can be cost-prohibitive to recover through a full legal service.  This is why we’ve developed the CGCollect service.

For debts up to $20,000 or in circumstances where you don’t need a full legal service but would like a lawyer-approved letter of demand sent, this is the perfect solution.

How does it work?

The process is simple:

  1. Visit
  2. Complete the online form to tell us all about what you are owed
  3. We’ll come back with a fixed fee (details of our fees are available on our FAQ page)
  4. Once you’re happy with that fee we’ll prepare your letter of demand and send it off with a deadline for payment
  5. If payment isn’t forthcoming we’ll chase it up via phone and if it remains unpaid we’ll come back to you with further advice about what you should do next

At all times Clifford Gouldson's experienced debt recovery lawyers are available to step in if required. 

Is this suitable for you?

We know this service isn’t for everyone.  If you have a large debt, a debt based on a complex legal situation or you prefer a more personalised service rather than working online we look forward to continuing to meet your needs under the Clifford Gouldson Lawyers’ brand.

If you have any questions about how works or how it may benefit your business we would be happy to talk to you.

Harrison Humphries, Head of Section - Litigation


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