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Business Essentials: Litigation

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Business Essentials:  Litigation
Lessons in Litigation:  War stories from the front line of legal disputes

The reality is that many of us will eventually find ourselves involved in a legal dispute, especially if we're in business.  Join us for an insight into some recent disputes we've handled for our clients.

Clifford Gouldson's Head of Litigation, Harrison Humphries, has selected three of the most interesting and educational recent examples of disputes we've handled.  These include:
  • Do it now.  Learn why "the sooner the better" is a critical rule to apply when documenting an agreement, even when immediate family is involved!
  • Don't be an ostrich.  How sticking your head in the sand won't help when a dispute arises and could seriously damage your legal position.
  • Get proper instructions.  Why professionals and agents need to avoid rushing and always get proper instructions from their clients!

Why wait until you're in a dispute to learn your lesson in litigation.  Join us to learn how you can minimise your risks and maximise your chances of success when a dispute arises.

As always our Business Essentials Seminar will be followed by drinks and light refreshments and the opportunity to network with fellow attendees.
Friday, 29 January 2016
Starting at 3.30 pm.  Followed by drinks and light refreshments.
No charge.
Clifford Gouldson Pod
Level 1, 610 Ruthven Street
Toowoomba  Qld
Please contact Rebecca by email at
[email protected] or phone
07 4688 2188 to attend

Space is limited so please reserve your seat by Wednesday 27 January 2016.


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