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MEDrefer to streamline the referral process

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Congratulations to our client MEDrefer on their recent official launch at Parliament House in Brisbane.

MEDrefer is an online tool that links General Practitioners with specialists and allied health care professionals. It enables a GP to login, identify appropriate specialists/allied health professionals for referral, and automatically generates a streamlined referral process with a closed loop to help a GP satisfy the duty of care they owe to their patients.

So instead of the patient going away to find out they can’t see the specialist for 6 months or longer, the GP can identify the specialist and availability in the consultation room, choose up to 5 specialists and allow the patient to then select the specialist of their preference.

Clifford Gouldson is pleased to have advised Medrefer on the identification, registration and protection of their intellectual property, and look forward to working with MEDrefer into the future.

You can visit their website at  


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