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31 December Deadline Looms Large for QBCC Licence Holders

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Are you a contractor who holds a QBCC Licence in categories SC1, SC2, 1, 2 or 3?
Reminder: 31 December 2019 is the deadline for you to submit your financial information to the QBCC. 
If you fail to give the required financial information by 31 December then the QBCC may take steps to suspend your licence.
Ignoring the deadline could have terrible consequences for your business - but there is some good news - if there are problems with the financial information you supply the QBCC have advised that so long as you submit by the 31 December deadline they will work with you over the coming months to help your business comply with the new minimum financial requirement laws.

Please contact Kylie Howell on 07 4688 2188 for more information

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