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2nd Artist-in-Residence Underway

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After the success of the inugural program the Clifford Gouldson Artist-in-Residence 2014 program is now underway.

Unique to Toowoomba's business community, this program involves the placement of a local regional artist in our office to work and interact with staff and clients.

We believe the Clifford Gouldson Artist-in-Residence program will provide immediate benefits to our firm, our clients, the artist involved and the wider Toowoomba artistic community.

Clifford Gouldson Director, Danny Clifford, said, "The Artist-in-Residence is a unique opportunity for the business and artistic communities in Toowoomba to better understand and engage with each other."

"Our 2014 artist-in-residence is Christene Just," Danny said.

Christene has been working from the Clifford Gouldson office each Friday for the last few weeks.

Christene said, "I am really excited to be involved with the Artist-in-Residence program with Clifford Gouldson Lawyers.

"Life as an artist is full of challenges and to be surrounded by the energy of the workplace is stimulating to me.

"A law firm deals with people. As an artist I observe people and the world around me and then I make images of those observations.  It makes me think differently and that is reflected in my work.

"This is an exciting time for me as a creative and it reinforces what I believe, that everything is connected. You trust in life, love what you do and enjoy every experience."

Christene will be attending at Clifford Gouldson every Friday for an eight week program culminating in an exhibition of her work in our office on the evening of 28 November 2014.

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