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2015 Annual Wage Review – Minimum Wage Increase

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On 8 June 2015, the Fair Work Commission announced an increase to minimum wages.
The effect of this decision will be that:

  1. the national minimum wage for award/agreement free employees will increase to $656.90 per week ($17.29 per hour); and
  2. all modern award minimum wages will increase by 2.5%.
These increases will apply from the first full pay period starting on or after 1 July 2015 and the Fair Work Commission is in the process of updating the pay rates in all modern awards.

Moving forward

Employers should also make sure that all employees are being paid at least the applicable modern award rate.

Employers with Enterprise Bargaining Agreements (EBA’s) will need to be particularly mindful of their obligation to ensure that that the base rate of pay specified in their enterprise agreement is at least equal to or greater than the applicable modern award rate.

Employers who operate under EBA’s should review the pay rates contained in their enterprise agreements and compare them with the applicable increased rates of pay under the relevant modern award.

For specifically tailored advice on how this increase applies to you or your employees, do not hesitate to contact our Workplace Team.

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