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Date Type Article
15/02/2018 Intellectual Property Only 10 day until major privacy law changes - are you ready and compliant?
27/11/2017 Intellectual Property Who owns those Property For Sale photos?
8/11/2017 Intellectual Property Entrepreneur Grants: The Do's and Don'ts!
25/10/2017 Intellectual Property Exporting to the Asia-Pacific region? Trade mark protection just got easier
6/09/2017 Intellectual Property IP Head of Section Announced
10/08/2017 Intellectual Property We own our business data...right?
15/02/2016 Intellectual Property The final chapter in Dallas Buyers Club v iiNet
18/12/2015 Intellectual Property Is this the final twist in the tale of Dallas Buyers Club v iiNet?
14/12/2015 Intellectual Property The Grinch Who Stole Swiftmas?
2/10/2015 Intellectual Property Trade marks, colour schemes and distinctive shopfronts: are they protected?
14/09/2015 Intellectual Property All aboard the Hayne Plane!
13/07/2015 Intellectual Property IP Australia issues warning on unsolicited offers
24/06/2015 Intellectual Property Is your software licensing ready for potential disputes?
15/04/2015 Intellectual Property Dallas Buyers Club Decision Sends a Message, but will it byte!
24/09/2014 Intellectual Property Defamation and "He who must be Obeid"
15/04/2014 Intellectual Property Domain names are changing but why should I worry?
5/12/2013 Intellectual Property New Top Level Domain Names & Your Trade Mark
18/11/2013 Intellectual Property Louis Vuitton Trade Mark: Not Famous Enough!
16/09/2013 Intellectual Property Understanding design protection for your business
5/07/2013 Intellectual Property Masterchef vs Mr Whippy - the war of the highest profile
1/03/2009 Intellectual Property Two Men and a truck - A lesson in Trade Marks.
1/11/2008 Intellectual Property Selling .au Domain Names
1/06/2008 Intellectual Property Protect Your Confidential Business Information
1/10/2006 Intellectual Property CG Intellectual Property - October 2006 Bulletin
1/10/2006 Intellectual Property Business Law Seminar Series: Introduction To Intellectual Property
1/09/2006 Intellectual Property Business Law Seminar Series: Introduction To The Types of Intellectual Property
23/04/2018 Workplace Sushi shop penalised for worker's raw deal
20/04/2018 Workplace Domestic Violence Clause in Modern Awards
13/04/2018 Workplace New Labour Hire Laws Commence 16 April 2018 - What you need to know
12/04/2018 Workplace Compensation for Cricket Injury - Howzat!
25/10/2017 Workplace Casual conversion mandatory in all modern awards
11/10/2017 Workplace Workplace comments: When shooting from the hip, hits your foot!
6/06/2017 Workplace Award Wages to Increase by 3.3% From 1 July 2017
17/05/2017 Workplace Government issues clear WH&S crackdown warning
3/05/2017 Workplace Accountants held liable for their client's underpayment of wages
20/04/2017 Workplace 457 Visa Changes: What we know so far...
27/03/2017 Workplace New rules proposed when working on Commonwealth funded projects
28/02/2017 Workplace Penalty Rates: The finer details...
23/02/2017 Workplace Sunday/Public Holiday Penalties Cut
22/02/2017 Workplace How long has it been? Too long?
10/02/2017 Workplace Trainees & Apprentices: Are you paying them enough?
9/12/2016 Workplace When Christmas parties go VERY wrong
5/12/2016 Workplace Senate inquiry investigating unpaid super
8/11/2016 Workplace Snapchat: How to lose your job in 10 seconds
4/10/2016 Workplace Injured while working from home: Who pays?
12/09/2016 Workplace High Court broadens hazardous manual handling obligations on employers
24/08/2016 Workplace Leave Entitlement Changes Arrive & Wage Payments Under Review
9/08/2016 Workplace FWO decision is a warning for HR advisers, managers & recruiters
21/06/2016 Workplace Harassment, bullying & discrimination: How can employers avoid liability from employees' inappropriate actions?
1/06/2016 Workplace Award wages to increase by 2.4%
26/05/2016 Workplace Change to cashing out of leave arrangements to impact all modern awards
18/05/2016 Workplace Reckless WH&S breaches could lead to prison
27/04/2016 Workplace Mahjong Club's Wrong Move on Employee Entitlements Costs $400k
9/03/2016 Workplace Accountants beware: Are you liable for your client's workplace breaches?
1/03/2016 Workplace Are your employee records up to scratch?
12/02/2016 Workplace Letting harassment complaints go unresolved could cost your business dearly
15/12/2015 Workplace Is your workplace prepared for the Australian summer?
10/12/2015 Workplace What can we learn from the ghosts of Christmas functions past?
30/11/2015 Workplace Advertising for Fit Models and Beer Maids - Maybe Rethink Your Approach
9/09/2015 Workplace Is workplace drug testing an invasion of privacy?
2/09/2015 Workplace Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal Order to impact retailers and businesses in the road transport industry
31/08/2015 Workplace Fair Work offers new pay calculator
27/07/2015 Workplace New Bill proposes reversing recent Qld workers' compensation changes
21/07/2015 Workplace Stiff penalty a warning on compliance for sponsored overseas employees
2/07/2015 Workplace How "trust & confidence" affect whether an unfairly dismissed employee must be reinstated
2/07/2015 Workplace Accruing annual leave while on workers' compensation
17/06/2015 Workplace 2015 Annual Wage Review – Minimum Wage Increase
3/06/2015 Workplace Udderly Tragic: A cautionary tale of cows and duty of care
21/05/2015 Workplace Are you performance managing or bullying?
13/04/2015 Workplace Workplace death statistics demonstrate need for more action on workplace safety
25/03/2015 Workplace Landmark SA Enterprise Agreement Removes Saturday Penalty Rates
16/03/2015 Workplace Employer successful in $600k claim against former employee
23/12/2014 Workplace Fair Work Commission Decision Released - 23 Dec 2014
22/09/2014 Workplace High Court Barker Decision - No implied mutual trust and confidence terms
10/09/2014 Workplace Confidentiality By Employees Assisting in Disciplinary Hearing
27/08/2014 Workplace Innovative Leadership Summit - Registration Offer
27/06/2014 Workplace Are your contractor arrangements a sham?
27/06/2014 Workplace Reminder: Super Rising From 1 July 2014
11/06/2014 Workplace Commission’s Anti-Bullying Jurisdiction - What have we learnt so far?
4/06/2014 Workplace Minimum Wage Decision Announced
10/02/2014 Workplace New National Heavy Vehicle Law Commences
3/12/2013 Workplace New bullying and roster rules commence 1 Jan 2014
17/10/2013 Workplace Workers Comp Changes Update - 17 Oct 2013
26/07/2013 Workplace New Financial Year - New Workplace Changes
28/06/2013 Workplace New Workplace Laws Passed
23/05/2013 Workplace Have you got a moment?
18/04/2013 Workplace First and Second Wave of Changes to the Fair Work System
3/12/2012 Workplace The Office Christmas Party - Protecting your staff and business
1/07/2012 Workplace Paid Parental Leave Scheme for Fathers and Partners from 1 January 2013
1/06/2012 Workplace National Minimum Wage Lifted By $17.10
1/05/2012 Workplace Company directors need to get 'hands on' to avoid Work Health & Safety Liability
1/03/2012 Workplace A review of Fair Work Australia's powers to intervene in bargaining disputes
1/03/2012 Workplace Employers Take Note: Legislative Overhaul in the Construction and Road Transport Industries
1/11/2011 Workplace The Perils of Informal Franchise Arrangements
1/08/2011 Workplace The New Work Health And Safety Act 2011 (QLD) – Employer’s Friend Or Foe?
1/07/2011 Workplace Critical Workplace Changes Apply From Today – 1 July
1/06/2011 Workplace Minimum Wage Decision: Less than 4 weeks for Implementation
1/05/2011 Workplace Recovering Business Debts With Creditor’s Statutory Demands
1/04/2011 Workplace Bullying in the Workplace
1/03/2011 Workplace Transitional Arrangements for Old State Awards & Adverse Action
2/11/2017 Litigation Dispute Resolution JJ Richards offers warning to others over unfair contract terms rules
13/10/2017 Litigation Dispute Resolution Shadow and De Facto Directors: When you’re a director and didn’t know it!
14/09/2017 Litigation Dispute Resolution Insolvent trading reform - smoother sailing for company directors
7/09/2017 Litigation Dispute Resolution Unfair preference payments: Returning money you're owed?
21/08/2017 Litigation Dispute Resolution New rules protect small business against unfair contracts
15/06/2017 Litigation Dispute Resolution Tenant breach notices: Are yours valid?
22/05/2017 Litigation Dispute Resolution He said, she said...what?!
6/03/2017 Litigation Dispute Resolution The (Unlawful) Art of Deception
12/09/2016 Litigation Dispute Resolution Uber legalised in Queensland
22/08/2016 Litigation Dispute Resolution Banker behaving badly
21/07/2016 Litigation Dispute Resolution Beware of Court & AFP Email Scam
15/07/2016 Litigation Dispute Resolution Ashes to Ashes: Whose dust?
9/06/2016 Litigation Dispute Resolution Uber arrives in Toowoomba - but is still navigating a legal minefield
21/04/2016 Litigation Dispute Resolution The unexpected consequences of changes to Australia Post delivery periods
22/01/2016 Litigation Dispute Resolution Online Comments: Dangers for individuals and business
18/01/2016 Litigation Dispute Resolution Wait, this isn't the signed copy of Castaway I ordered...
18/12/2015 Litigation Dispute Resolution Is this the final twist in the tale of Dallas Buyers Club v iiNet?
20/02/2015 Litigation Dispute Resolution Deed of settlement with creditor does not remove obligation to fellow guarantors
24/09/2014 Litigation Dispute Resolution Defamation and "He who must be Obeid"
27/08/2014 Litigation Dispute Resolution Innovative Leadership Summit - Registration Offer
24/03/2014 Litigation Dispute Resolution Construction & Resources Expert Welcomed to Clifford Gouldson
14/03/2014 Litigation Dispute Resolution Domestic Building Contracts – Understanding of Costs Critical
23/08/2013 Litigation Dispute Resolution No BCIPA Protection on Mining Sites
15/07/2013 Litigation Dispute Resolution First Major PPSA Decision
4/06/2013 Litigation Dispute Resolution Owed Money? 9 Things You Need to Know About Collecting Debts
2/04/2013 Litigation Dispute Resolution Commercial Arbitration: A viable option for business disputes
1/10/2012 Litigation Dispute Resolution Insolvency Register Saves Time and Costs
1/10/2011 Litigation Dispute Resolution Confidential Business Information: How Do I Protect It?
1/08/2011 Litigation Dispute Resolution Try to Reslove Before Going to Court
1/06/2011 Litigation Dispute Resolution Lessons In Litigation - Growing Pains
1/01/2011 Litigation Dispute Resolution Experience Equals Speed
22/03/2018 Business GST changes coming 1 July 2018
28/02/2018 Business Reminder for Clubs, Societies and Small Non-Profits - Governance Matters!
6/10/2017 Business PPSR Case Study: ABN vs ACN
19/06/2017 Business New energy disclosures to apply from 1 July 2017
15/06/2017 Business Tenant breach notices: Are yours valid?
25/05/2017 Business Latest PPSA amendment commences
20/04/2017 Business PPSA changes to benefit hire industry
10/02/2017 Business Window on China Landline Special
28/11/2016 Business Retail Shop Lease Changes Start Today
30/09/2016 Business Retail shop lease changes apply from 25 November
25/07/2016 Business Broadened transfer duty exemption on rural land
17/05/2016 Business Changes to Retail Shop Leases Act passed
5/02/2016 Business Employee entitlements: How your business contracts may be impacted
8/12/2015 Business Retail Shop Leases Overhaul: Good news for you?
28/09/2015 Business Small Business Receives Unfair Contract Terms Protection
25/09/2015 Business PPSA Change Effective From 1 October
20/08/2015 Business 2015 Artist-in-Residence Announced
15/07/2015 Business Significant PPSA Amendment Passed
6/05/2015 Business PPSA: An overhaul is coming
22/04/2015 Business Electronic Signing - The future is NOT here!
30/03/2015 Business New Franchising Code of Conduct Commences
12/12/2014 Business Federal Govt Delay on PPSA Lease Amendment Continues
3/11/2014 Business 2nd Artist-in-Residence Underway
28/10/2014 Business Amanda Tolson welcomed as CGLaw director
27/08/2014 Business Innovative Leadership Summit - Registration Offer
19/08/2014 Business PPSR Failure May Cost $50 Million
17/07/2014 Business PPSA 'Motor Vehicle' Definition Changed
30/06/2014 Business CGLaw Hosts Obayashi Visit to Toowoomba
27/06/2014 Business Are your contractor arrangements a sham?
27/06/2014 Business Reminder: Super Rising From 1 July 2014
4/06/2014 Business Minimum Wage Decision Announced
21/05/2014 Business Equipment Hirers Must Read: Significant Changes to the PPSA
16/04/2014 Business PAMDA Overhaul Looms Closer
15/04/2014 Business Domain names are changing but why should I worry?
10/02/2014 Business New National Heavy Vehicle Law Commences
28/01/2014 Business Guides for Not-for-profit Board Members
24/01/2014 Business App launched for PPSR searching
9/12/2013 Business Why your business needs to get PPSA savvy before 30 Jan 2014
5/12/2013 Business New Top Level Domain Names & Your Trade Mark
18/11/2013 Business Louis Vuitton Trade Mark: Not Famous Enough!
18/10/2013 Business New Business? - 6 Legal Tips
24/09/2013 Business Commercial landlords - Are you complying with your obligations?
15/07/2013 Business First Major PPSA Decision
4/06/2013 Business Owed Money? 9 Things You Need to Know About Collecting Debts
4/03/2013 Business A Troubled Start - The Personal Properties Security Register 12 Months On
1/09/2012 Business The Australian Consumer Law - is your business compliant? - Part 1
1/09/2012 Business The Australian Consumer Law - is your business compliant? - Part 2
1/08/2012 Business Queensland's Workers Compensation Scheme Is Under Review
1/05/2012 Business Business Names - Finally a One Stop Shop
1/04/2012 Business Personal Properties Securities Register: An Update
1/01/2012 Business Are you or your business ready for the PPSA?
1/10/2011 Business Buying a Business? Critical Commercial & Workplace Considerations Part 1
1/10/2011 Business Buying a Business? Critical Commercial & Workplace Considerations Part 2
28/02/2018 Building and Construction Project Bank Accounts Commence 1 March 2018
16/10/2017 Building and Construction Changes coming for building industry
5/09/2017 Building and Construction Ostwald Bros Enters Voluntary Administration
8/06/2017 Building and Construction Moving quickly to secure payment is critical
14/03/2017 Building and Construction Changes coming for building industry
10/02/2017 Building and Construction Trainees & Apprentices: Are you paying them enough?
13/12/2016 Building and Construction Reforms coming for Security of Payments Arrangements
23/11/2016 Building and Construction Unfair contract terms now protect small business
25/07/2016 Building and Construction Contracts for home building projects – do we really need them?
20/04/2016 Building and Construction TSRC, Nexus and You Seminar: Catch Up Video
16/02/2016 Building and Construction The Second Range Crossing, Nexus and You - Levelling the playing field
29/01/2016 Building and Construction Toowoomba Second Range Crossing EOIs Closing Soon
27/10/2015 Building and Construction Does your payment claim have to be accompanied by a statutory declaration?
6/10/2015 Building and Construction Foundations Data - Do I really need it pre-contract?
19/08/2015 Building and Construction Australian Building and Construction Commission Bill Fails in Senate
28/05/2015 Building and Construction A shift in liability for subcontractors
9/03/2015 Building and Construction Proposed Changes to General Conditions of Contract Released
14/01/2015 Building and Construction Build beyond scope at your peril
15/12/2014 Building and Construction Amendments to BCIPA Act Commence - 15 Dec 2014
11/08/2014 Building and Construction BCIPA Reform to Impact Construction Industry
9/07/2014 Building and Construction New QBCC Dispute Process Launches
30/06/2014 Building and Construction CGLaw Hosts Obayashi Visit to Toowoomba
30/05/2014 Building and Construction Building Contract Templates: Which Should I Use?
24/03/2014 Building and Construction Construction & Resources Expert Welcomed to Clifford Gouldson
14/03/2014 Building and Construction Domestic Building Contracts – Understanding of Costs Critical
4/02/2013 Building and Construction Up for discussion: the Building and Construction Industry Payments Act 2004
1/01/2012 Climate An Overview of the Carbon Farming Initiative
1/09/2011 Climate An Overview of the 'Clean Energy Legislative Package'
13/11/2017 Tax, Structures, & Planning New legislation bringing significant changes for retirement village rules
11/05/2017 Tax, Structures, & Planning What is "arm's length"? Inside Australia's biggest tax case
5/05/2017 Tax, Structures, & Planning The loan that wasn't...beware the sponging son
5/04/2017 Tax, Structures, & Planning $2500 Rural Succession Planning Grant Available Now
10/02/2017 Tax, Structures, & Planning Window on China Landline Special
18/11/2016 Tax, Structures, & Planning Timely reminder to be nice to your mum
1/11/2016 Tax, Structures, & Planning Will the superannuation transfer cap changes affect your plans?
25/10/2016 Tax, Structures, & Planning SuperStream: Final countdown for small business
24/08/2016 Tax, Structures, & Planning Non-concessional contribution balances portal available soon
26/04/2016 Tax, Structures, & Planning Would you take 13 years to bury a loved one?
8/02/2016 Tax, Structures, & Planning How saving a few dollars can cost your wife a house
29/10/2015 Tax, Structures, & Planning Binding nominations and your spendthrift children
22/10/2015 Tax, Structures, & Planning Is it now safe to exclude those ungrateful children from your will?
23/09/2015 Tax, Structures, & Planning Where is your superannuation headed?
30/06/2015 Tax, Structures, & Planning In Business? Inadequate Estate Planning? Time to take action!
15/06/2015 Tax, Structures, & Planning Government offers CGT free restructuring
4/05/2015 Tax, Structures, & Planning CGLaw Welcomes Estate Planning Lawyer Sheelagh Gray


Sushi shop penalised for worker's raw deal - 23/04/2018

Last month the Federal Circuit Court handed down a $200,000 penalty to a Sydney sushi outlet, its Director and the shop’s accountant for the underpayment of employee wages.... read on

Domestic Violence Clause in Modern Awards - 20/04/2018

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New Labour Hire Laws Commence 16 April 2018 - What you need to know - 13/04/2018

New Labour Hire Laws Commence 16 April - What you need to know... read on

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