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After undertaking work experience at CG Law Oliver joined our team as a Graduate Law Clerk making a welcome addition to our team. Oliver’s interest was sparked after being confronted with the issues of IP personally as a Musician. Having completing his Bachelor of Laws and Arts at UQ in 2018 be sure to keep an eye out for this sharp young mind as he continues to make a lasting impression.

Toowoomba born and raised Oliver is passionate about the Toowoomba business community. Working closely with the Litigation team Oliver aspires to continually build his knowledge across all areas of law. Thorough, efficient and a known fast walker Oliver is eager to give everything is best shot.

Often found participating in sports Oliver enjoys engaging with the wider community, an active member of the Toowoomba Tennis Association, Queensland Tennis Centre, Melbourne Cricket Club and the St Johns College at University of Queensland Johnian’s Association.

To get advice or send an enquiry to the Clifford Gouldson Lawyers team, please contact us online or call (07) 4688 2188.

Nicola Hayden
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