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Annemarie Lyons is the Document Management Officer at Clifford Gouldson. Responsible for the development and maintenance of the firm's precedents and document quality control, Annemarie is a vital part of our team. Boasting more than 30 years in the legal industry across such diverse areas of responsibility as transcription, IT, marketing, HR, training, knowledge management, management, precedent and knowledge management consultancy. Annemarie provides a wealth of experience and expertise that contributes to the efficient functioning of the firm.

Annemarie has qualifications in Training & Assessment, Business/Administration and HR as well as various Certificates in Fitness. She enjoys the dynamic nature of the business and relishes her role in making the best use of the latest approaches in legal technology and processes. Having grown up in Mt Isa and relocated to Toowoomba upon finishing school, Annemarie is a Toowoomba local.

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